About Us

The Free Radicals are:

Mike Gibbs - mandolin, guitar and vocals
Chris Kershaw - rhythm guitar, fiddle and vocals
Luke Nathan - bass and vocals
Richard Johnston - spoons, percussion and vocals

We are best sampled in a live setting. Our brand of non-conformist folk is well suited to the pub scene, so long as there is plenty of space to get up and dance (beer often gets spilt).

Our music takes its influence from English, Irish, French, American and eastern European folk music, particularly the more up-tempo kind of olde worlde dance music. We weave together Bluegrass, Irish and Ukrainian tunes in our set, with a few self-penned compositions to boot. However, The Free Radicals rise to fame has been hampered by an inability to take ourselves seriously, so anything often goes.

If you are looking for lively folk music for good night out then check our gig guide for upcoming dates. We hail from Godalming in Surrey and usually play at various localities in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire.

If you run a pub or are organising an event (beer festivals are our speciality!) and want to know what we sound like then try out some of the tunes from the player on the Our Music page. If you want to book us, then email us or give us a call see the Contact Us page.

Our limited edition recordings are listed below - available at gigs and on request via email:

  • Out of The Hedge
  • Hydon's Ball
  • Hidden In The Alder (to be released early 2019)