Based in Surrey, England, THE FREE RADICALS play folk music taking inspiration from traditional celtic music, bluegrass, Ukrainian dance music, and other influences mixing it together to produce a unique sound. Taking the basic four instruments of mandolin, guitar, bass and spoons, with occasional fiddle, harp and percussion, TFR have a distinctly acoustic vibe, but don't conform to the traditionalist image of many modern-day folk bands. Born in the pubs of Godalming, Surrey, TFR are essentially a live act, but have spent time in the studio to produce three albums: 'Out Of The Hedge', 'Hydon's Ball' and 'Hidden In The Alder' which have an electric and psychedelic edge to their normal acoustic sound.

See our NEW video - The Man, The Abbott, The King And The Toad:

One evening down the local pub, we started to invent medieval style words for measurements and distances, for instance a Nos'with (Nostril's Width although there is an argument between an Abbot's Nos'With and the King's Nos'with depending on who is King or Abbot at the time), a Farkle (the width of a bees buttocks), a Svend (typical Toad's leap) and some Grain (how far a man can typically throw seed i.e 'a stone's throw' but also referring to the grain that goes to make the beer the Man has been drinking) and then those 'Words and Meanings' (which can be seen at the end of the video) were used to write the song!